The first annual “60 Miles in 60 Days Seniors in Motion Challenge” is entering its final stretch and moving toward a Finish Line Celebration finale at Oak Ridge’s Melton Hill Park.

The Finish Line Celebration finale will get started at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 28, and will include prizes, free T-shirts and other festivities for attendees.

The 60 in 60 event kicked off on Sept. 28 with a basic concept of inviting seniors from all areas of Anderson County to take advantage of the county’s public parks and community centers while enjoying fellowship and physical activity during the prime 60 days of autumn.

As the inaugural 60 in 60 campaign winds down event sponsor Steve Emert is excited about the progress already in the works for local seniors but he’s also looking toward the future and possibly parlaying ventures like 60 in 60 into an ongoing effort to revitalize the burgeoning senior citizen community in Anderson County.

Emert, a Dist. 3 county commissioner and a candidate for mayor in the 2018 general election, says the inaugural 60 in 60 event has been well received among the county’s burgeoning senior citizen community.

Steve Emert at 60 and 60

“We’ve had a very nice reception to the event so far,” said Emert, who has served Dist. 3 on the county’s legislative body since 2012 – the last two years as Commission Chairman. “I’ve heard from so many seniors who want more opportunities to be involved and active in the community and this was something I thought that we could do to bring everyone together.”

Emert for the last five years has been one of county government’s most outspoken advocates for the senior citizen community. He sees it as a demographic that does not always get the legislative attention it deserves from elected officials.

There are also more personal reasons that the senior citizen community holds a special place in Emert’s heart. Emert’s late aunt, Thelma Rainwater, helped care for him as a child and it’s that influence that compels him to give back to that community as acts of respect and tribute to her.

“I guess it’s so important to me because from the time I was in the second grade until I was a senior in high school I lived with my elderly aunt and she was such a special person in my life,” Emert commented. “She helped raise me and I was with her all through school. I was able to get a hardship driver’s license when I was 14-years-old so that I could drive her places like the store and to doctor’s appointments. I guess it’s her influence on my life that inspires me to work so hard for the seniors in this county.”

Emert played an integral role in getting the Anderson County Senior Center to its current headquarters at 205 Main Street from its former, much smaller location. He regularly volunteers to assist in senior activities or to lend his expertise as professional contractor toward helping modernize facilities at the senior center.

“It’s just something that I enjoy doing,” said Emert. “I take a lot of pride in working for our seniors and it’s been such a special experience working on projects like 60 in 60. I’m looking forward to the Finish Line Celebration and then doing a lot more events like this going forward.”

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